Buying Pre-Owned BMW Car? Make Sure it’s an Authorized Dealer

The trend of buying pre-owned luxury cars has seen a major rise in the recent past. The notion of a car being ‘not-as-good-as-new’ once it’s been used is passé. In fact there are many people who’d happily buy a pre-owned car, deck it up with all the latest accessories and flaunt it. Besides, there’s no harm in buying a pre-owned car when authenticity is guaranteed by the dealers.

The certified pre-owned (CPO) BMW program is an initiative that is engaged primarily to take the used car buying business seriously. BMW has created certifications checklist that all cars must pass in order to be qualified as a CPO car. If a BMW car is covered under the original warranty at the time of resale and it passes the CPO check list as well, it will be given an additional two year warranty (meeting the 50,000 miles warranty). As a result the resale value of the car becomes higher and the buyer is also benefited by the deal.

So, for example, if you purchase a certified used 2006 BMW 525i that has run 20,000 miles from an authorized BMW dealer, there would be approximately three years left on the original warranty. These three years are based out of the balance on the BMW car warranty (4 years or 50,000 miles).  Basically, the math is like this:


Original Mileage Warranty Remaining: (50,000 – 20,000) = 30,000 miles

Additional Mileage Warranty: 50,000 miles

So, total BMW car mileage warranty: 80,000 miles


This is huge for a pre-owned car. You can drive all 80,000 miles and still be covered under the warranty program. If you are not a long distance driver, you can also get yourself a five years warranty (3 years from the original + 2 years from the certification). You can rest assured that your automobile is going to deliver several years of fantastic driving experience.


While buying a BMW car, research well about the warranty programs offered by each manufacturer. With the huge supply of pre-owned BMW cars, it always pays to buy one from authorised dealers. It is only the authorised dealers who have all these lucrative offers. You may come across many places that offer a better buying price but what matters is the cost down the line. In the long run your car will need servicing and repairs which might dig a hole in your pocket. So, make the wiser decision and always buy a pre-owned luxury car from an authorised dealer.

Amazing BMW Car Parts

Think quality and comfort and the name BMW pops up in mind. For over a century, this brand has defined the standards for cars in the world. Be it convertibles, sedans, hatchbacks or SUVs, BMW is among the most respected luxury car makers in the world.

We all know that a machine is the sum of all its parts. That’s why it’s no surprise that the parts of BMW automobiles are one of the best in the industry. When you drive down the highway with windows rolled down, the smoothness of different parts of your BMW working in harmony is something you can feel. But what do you do when you need replacement of the parts in your BMW or need new alloys wheels?

As they say, the best things in life don’t come cheap. BMW cart parts are no exception. You have to shell out good money to get BMW car parts and drivers need to keep down the maintenance costs. One way is to find a breaker or dismantler of cars who can provide you with original, albeit cheap parts from used BMW cars.

To avoid expensive garage or service centre repairs BMW owners, of both new and old cars, need car parts.  It is no secret that technology of the highest order is used to fabricate and design BMW cars and its parts.

However, used car parts are an area where one can save a decent amount of money. This is especially beneficial for drivers who own older models of BMW cars. If they know where to get genuine used car parts, they can cut down on costs substantially. Today, the car owners can save a lot of money as well as time by searching for used car parts on the internet. This frees them from the trouble of scouring the entire city over the weekend to look for dealers who sell used car parts.

Majority of BMW drivers are people who like the legacy and quality of the car and want to maintain it themselves. The life of such people can become a lot easier if they have access to dealers and dismantlers selling BMW car parts, who can deliver the car parts to their door steps. If well researched, parts attained in this way are usually of good quality and reliable. They can help you keep your beloved BMW on the road for a longer period of time, and that too at minimum cost.

Enhance the Look of your BMW Car with Cool BMW Accessories

There is a reason why people are so in love with BMW cars. The name alone spells magnificence. The blue and grey logo on the hood of your car is the pride and joy you’ll cherish for a long time.

Besides, they are one of the leading manufacturers in automobiles that are based out of Germany. Established in 1916, the company has successfully built themselves up as a significant brand in the automobile industry. They mostly make high end luxury cars that symbolize grandeur.

Usually, the people who can afford the luxury of a BMW car aren’t only interested in purchasing the car for its features. There are always other things at the back of their head, like wanting to upgrade its features regularly with the latest BMW car accessories. There’s a wide range of car accessories and other custom design items for BMW that lures car lovers towards it.

We all know that BMW specializes in their various car parts and engine. Some examples of them would include exhaust pipes, engine upgrades, car lights, body kits, tires and rims, brake lights and many more. These are much sought after for the reason that they have the brand name engraved on them. That way you are also ensured of the quality and high performance.

You can purchase the BMW accessories at the same place from where you buy your cars. You could also find them online and have them delivered at your place. Few examples of such sites would be eBay and Amazon.

However, it is always very essential for you to check the authenticity of these products before you buy them. Have your consumer watchdog radar on as you browse through your favourite accessories so you aren’t duped. Just the tag of BMW in a product doesn’t mean its original. There are many who sell imitated products using the tag of this automobile giant. The cheaper prices and promises of them being the same as original has gotten many customers into their scam. So, make sure when you buy these products you thoroughly check the paper work that comes with the purchase. Don’t make the final purchase unless you are entirely sure.

So, if you find yourself in the fortunate position of owning a BMW, don’t let the experience finish there. You are going to want to jazz it up with the newest and the most up-to-date accessories. It’s the extra items that make you set apart from the crowd. It will also define your personality and flair through your car. Only then will you actually enjoy the prestige of being seen in public or cruising down the freeway in your swanky new BMW.